Fast Money for Indebted People

Are you struggling with financial problems and lagging behind with other payments? The bad news is that the bank will refuse you to borrow money, without repaying your previous obligations. The good news also exists. There is a payday for indebted people . Such loans for indebted people are loans without bik, that is, the […]

Debt consolidation

Loan Purchase: How to Consolidate All its Debts

  What is a restructuring operation? Definition Debt restructuring or loan redemption is a financial operation that aims to consolidate several loans of different durations and rates, in a single operation, in order to obtain a lower monthly payment, but over a period of time. longer repayment. Debts that can be grouped It is possible […]


Residual debt financing no longer deductible

In October 2012, the residual debt scheme went into effect to promote the flow in the housing market. With this scheme, the interest on the financing of this residual debt could be deducted from the tax when selling a house with a residual debt, for a maximum of 15 years. No reason to extend The […]


Debt Consolidation for SMEs with Crowdlending

  Small and medium-sized companies or SMEs have had to resort to the consolidation of debts. Many of them surviving the last decade thanks to this financial outlet. The procedure is similar to what a natural person should do. In the first place you should look for a mediating company or debt reunification agent. These […]

Payday Consolidation Companies

Debt Consolidation Loans

Apply for debt consolidation loans If you find yourself in a situation where you are in a lot of debt that you can handle, you can choose to apply for debt consolidation loans that are financial tools designed for loan consolidation. This type of loan is applied and taken to solve all other current loans and […]