Loan Purchase: How to Consolidate All its DebtsLoan Purchase: How to Consolidate All its Debts

  What is a restructuring operation? Definition Debt restructuring or loan redemption is a financial operation that aims to consolidate several loans of different durations and rates, in a single operation, in order to obtain a lower monthly payment, but over a period of time. longer repayment. Debts that can be grouped It is possible […]


Debt Consolidation for SMEs with CrowdlendingDebt Consolidation for SMEs with Crowdlending

  Small and medium-sized companies or SMEs have had to resort to the consolidation of debts. Many of them surviving the last decade thanks to this financial outlet. The procedure is similar to what a natural person should do. In the first place you should look for a mediating company or debt reunification agent. These […]

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